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Came on January 17, 2008 during Feburary 28, in black city new urban district, east and other places of area of a mountainous area, Mi Dong happens 33 cases to destroy telegraphic establishment case one after another, cause immediate pecuniary loss 130 thousand yuan, make afore-mentioned piece date of the fixed phone of area resident, small effective communication is affected badly. So big range and the behavior that destroys telegraphic establishment thick and fast artificially, meet with in metropolis or head. Gumshoe is passed track, investigate, captured backstage a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes together with masses eventually, startling is, these 33 cases are one person place is unexpectedly.

Guo Kai of the person that commit the crime is audacious and savage, choose to commit the crime by day only; At the beginning of good year 9 that day, he shops at the same time, at the same time " work " , commit the crime 9 cases at a heat. The word that uses him himself says, this lively skill difficulty is small, not easy seductive. But he escapes hard finally the benefit eye of punishment detect personnel.

Cable is cut again and again

"How to return a responsibility! The word hits an Electromechanical of my home not to go out to also be dialed do not come in! "

On Feburary 15, at the beginning of good year 9, still be enmeshed when the festive atmosphere that spend the New Year is medium when Urumqi citizen, in the cross-connecting box of the family member courtyard of a sector of an area such as road of road of Urumqi city Yellow River, Xinjiang medical university, Beijing, Heibei road 100 pairs differ to 600 pairs the cable that become end by the person complete nip off, the user communication inside area under administration interrupts several hours, indignant dweller uses what the mobile phone dialed telegraphic bureau to complain a phone.

These fall victim dwellers won't know, arrive from January 17, 2008 on Feburary 28, black city has 32 dwellers of an area and them additionally to having same lot. A running fire in 42 days of time 33 destroy telegraphic establishment case, this also caused the high vigilance of Urumqi telecommunication section and black city public security bureau.

In recent years, because copper cash of cable of international market electrify rises in price, many criminals begin to extend greedy a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes the telecommunication cable line to lifeblood of relation countryman economy to go up.

It is with Urumqi exemple, 2007, company of Chinese telegraphic Xinjiang and public security mechanism are increased examine broken strength, uncover telecommunication cable establishment to be stolen to destroy a case 404 cases, arrest suspect of 212 40 many gangs, crime, make hair record rate and photograph comparing dropped 2006 14% .

Company of Chinese telegraphic Xinjiang says in a report, each district city also from time to tome the incident that cable is destroyed by theft happens. Come 3 years, my area produces pilfer to cut theft to destroy 1588 telecommunication cable records, the pecuniary loss that cause is as high as fifteen million six hundred and ninety-two thousand yuan.
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