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Urumqi calls the police the website opens fictitious police formal mount guard

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On March 13, 2008, the press conference is held in Urumqi city public security bureau, formal enlightened Urumqi calls the police website, website address is: Www.wgwj. Gov. Cn, fictitious police is formal mount guard, the website puts on record to spread out in the round in Xinjiang.

July 2007, the Ministry of Public Security makes a decision, in the whole nation progressively promotion executes Internet to publish government, urumqi regards municipal provincial capital as the city last year pace of cent of second half of the year begins this work. Make public main act of management lawfully as Internet, mechanism of Urumqi city public security is established on Internet " fictitious police box " and " fictitious police " , built " on the net 110 " , undertake the website puts on record at the same time the job.

On the net " fictitious police " be on duty mount guard " call the police police box " bright conterminous alarm

Mechanism of Urumqi city public security already was in a few days ago big door and each important website establish this locality " fictitious police " and " call the police police box " , call the police the website moves at beginning to try on September 30, 2007, accept masses seeks advice and call the police. The website tries since moving, integral case is good, end masses is accepted to seek advice from 343 in all by this year Feburary, inform against 119, call the police 196.

In August 2007, mechanism of Urumqi public security faces a society to begin " fictitious police " the activity that sign a name, got the whole nation each district is answered actively of broad masses and be participated in eagerly, get the program that sign a name in all 152, among them masses sends the plan that sign a name through email 94, dial a telephone 38, dial a hot line through 949 broadcasting station 20, still masses enters the activity that sign a name in order to keep the kind of the letter, attend the masses that signs a name to involve border inside each district and inland visit an area 18 times. Choose examine and verify what sign a name through correspondence seriously, public security mechanism decides at present " fictitious police " official name is " An An " (male police) , " Ning Ning " (policewoman) . Henceforth, "An An " , " Ning Ning " will be in formally Internet is aspirant travel go on a tour of inspection, accept masses to seek advice, the netizen can be passed click this locality on each big website homepage " fictitious police " figure enters advisory page, right alarm Wu activity and handle affairs the regulation undertakes advisory; Through clicking " call the police police box ' ' enter call the police page, call the police to public security mechanism. The netizen also can log onto Urumqi city public security bureau to call the police directly website (Www. Wgwj. Gov. Cn) undertakes informing against, call the police and seek advice.

Guilty activity breaks the law to protect a netizen on blow Internet legal interest does not suffer damage
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