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On the safe side comfortable forensic safety is on guard systematic program

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One, summarize building of some court office to regard as country and this significant section, ask office environment elegance is comfortable not only, more the requirement has security and reliability, to ensure the safety of the building and the justice that assure to try a process and fairness, stop the action of dereliction of duty that tries a process, when accident circumstance happens, avoid a got-up affair to expand, get in time controlling, the design of closed circuit monitoring will ensure forensic safety. Provide the advanced closed-circuit television supervisory equipment on the world, build build total security to be on guard comprehensive system, make its have perfect, science to change the administrative measure with modernization and strict security personnel to be on guard measure.

2, principle of design basis and design

1 , design basis

(1) safety is on guard project program and requirement (GA / T- 75) ;

(2) system of public surveillant TV designs a standard (DBJ 08 - 16 - 90) ;

(3) the communal and safe occupation standard that the Ministry of Public Security of People's Republic of China issues (GA/T70-94, GA/T74-94, GA/T75-94) ;

(4) requirement of this technology of supervisory system of TV of forensic office building;

(5) plan of this forensic office building.

2, design principle handles official bussiness according to this court building function requirement and safety are on guard the technology is active standard and the analysis to its ichnography, induce as follows: ☆ function asks: This forensic office building is on guard for a kind unit, requirement supervisory system is careful reliable, function all ready, technology advanced, operation is simple, maintain beautiful and convenient, practical, performance/price ratio best, stay have patulous room. Total demand: Sex of rigor of place troops on garrison duty, tall intelligence, but expanding. ☆ management is decision-making: Through be opposite this court handles official bussiness building, the key is hall of passageway of courtyard of the around outdoor, gate, adjudgement, financial room, record library, network center computer room those who reach circumjacent area is public inside the real time monitoring of the circumstance such as personnel of working status of the staff member, flow, make this court understands a key in time to be on guard about the leader order of the business operation of area, job and staff state, for this court the science of office building changes management and lead decision-making provide first-hand data. By monitoring center main control room is mixed dean, pay decanal cent to accuse stage, careful appoint the control system that can distribute composition controlling a station, controallable all supervisory equipment of complete courtyard, can call either to manage image not only, automatic transcribe some locates the video plane that still includes to accuse a stage to start control center remotely in decanal room divide into equal parts even image. In trying a process, if have an accident, can adopt system of handwritten video hookup, in careful appoint one kind is built between meeting and adjudgement stage but connection of view article image. ☆ safety is on guard: Security personnel personnel masters the personnel activity circumstance inside monitoring area at any time through supervisory system, inspect the safe condition of each key place, prevent disaster Yu Weiran. Nightly after static field, but automatic place troops on garrison duty, once personnel discrepancy is on guard area or general reason of occurrence other different besides, the system can issue warning automatically, if use multimedia advocate control a system, can realize speech automatically to call the police clew, start advocate control device, personnel of call security personnel, at the same time stage of cloud of automatic rotational intelligence and camera veer call the police area (need to cooperate intelligent cloud stage) , start phase of video machine collection automatically, to detect personnel rapid crack a criminal case provides strong evidence. ☆ equipment type selecting: Advocate accuse equipment to choose the supervisory equipment with the advanced technology on international, front equipment basically uses camera of factory of name of the United States, Japan, Korea and cloud stage to wait for product of international famous brand, function admirable, quality is reliable. ☆ exterior effect: According to the characteristic of this forensic office building, front equipment is in pay attention to practical while, sex of adornment of give attention to two or morethings and concealment quality.
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