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Sea of day of blue sea the Red Sea carries ethical standard to undertake wiring

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On March 6, 2008, rihaiji goes to Shanghai before ministry of career of round integrated wiring, invited Shanghai Electronic Society to build intelligence to change technical major how does net of guest of rich of building of intelligence of committee trade organization and Chinese communication network, China, China prevent product network to wait for ten professional media and public media Sohu (focal Shanghai estate net) reporter, held ceremoniously " media of industry of the first Hua Dong meets meeting " , this also is day of sea 2008 year are in integrated wiring the important deploy of the whole nation and strategy of brand of Hua Dong area.

Day sea integrated wiring media of Hua Dong industry met 2008 can cover the site

Media meets on the meeting, day sea is integrated summerly Mr Zheng Qu summed up general manager of wiring career department the development state of affairs 2007 and the task 2008. Summer always express, integrated wiring basically finished day sea 2007 an all sorts of pre-construction that enter wiring brand newly work, caused strong reaction in the market, the tactical key 2008 depends on promoting a brand consequence further, perfect sale channel, promotion sells outstanding achievement. In the meantime, summer always mention day sea was handing in place greatly to hang out one's shingle 2008 appear on the market, quicken the pace of development.

On the development of market of Chinese integrated wiring, summer always think competition is quite intense, appeal domestic brand should build ethical strategy alliance, progress jointly, and not should mutual blood goes all out, make price war. Xia Zongjiang moves integrated wiring is nicety production industry, and Chinese manufacturing industry develops, have exceed strong dominant position, this also advances the rise of ethical brand necessarily, entire nation should share democratic brand to rise abruptly brought profit.

Place of company of sea of day of integrated wiring no less than raises day of great capacity " of the nation, of the world " slogan is same, hold to the road of the brand from beginning to end, through development of 2 years, price of technology of its comprehensive strength, product, sex is compared, the market had the respect such as rate and brand appeal force to obtain exceedingly good result.

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