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Baggage bag is lost carelessly " electronic eye " help solution difficult proble

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On March 16 because dispatch is neglectful baggage the bag is put in hall of carry out ticket, oneself are occupied leave. After ten minutes, baggage bag disappeared. The staff member of station security department is informed a circumstance, move kinescope of monitoring of station of dispatch a vehicle, seek the parcel, owner of lost property is appreciated extremely.

On March 12 morning 10 when make, the Wang Ling that hill of jujube village city wells balanced area Xu village presses down tall village grows road car in the our city after terminal gets off, want to transfer drive toward Xuzhou. Waiting for car clearance, she wants to go around see a friend. But because carry baggage a lot of, back and forth no-go, it is good that then Wang Ling includes the baggage of every day object includes the baggage of every day object the lock, place inside hall of carry out ticket, face about leaves. After about ten minutes, wang Ling come back to send active Li Bao to do not have. She is very anxious, inside the bag although do not have valuable, but because want to be driven toward Shenzhen from Xuzhou afternoon,work, produce such thing so she is at a loss a little. Examining every corner of hall of carry out ticket carefully, after still doing not have any discovery, wang Ling sits in place of doorway of hall of carry out ticket to cry ceaseless. At this moment, the yellow strong point of boreal laborious police station is on duty transient, see Wang Ling, the circumstance enquires before going up. Sad Wang Ling was not responded, know to cry only. Yellow strong point is helpless under head her station security department, let her sit down stable mood. Pass a little while, wang Ling just speaks its truth. After Zhang Yong of section chief of station security department knew its course, immediately v this time paragraph station monitoring kinescope, the baggage bag that discovers Wang Ling was taken outside hall of carry out ticket nearby. Zhang Ke grows immediately to let a person take baggage package the security department again. See the baggage that break and regains is wrapped, wang Ling laugh, those who keep thanking all him helps " constabulary uncle " .

The Wang Ling that gets on ticket wanting check the car namely is in after seeing a reporter, be enlightened crosses newspaper is person of good intention of acknowledgment Teng city, 2 it is to also remind all going out outer friend, should have attended to oneself baggage, not neglectful.

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