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Beijing net moves: The advantage of monitoring of shallow network talking about

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The promotion that makes the same score as flowing water of person the people's livelihood and rise to installing those who prevent a requirement, the imitate this locality on traditional sense changes monitoring to cannot have satisfied market demand far. And the flying development of network system, make support network undertakes long-range video monitoring becomes a possibility. Current, gain ground as the big range of Internet, long-range monitoring has permeated a variety of domains such as public security of place of education, government, public place of entertainment, hospital, hotel, motion, city. And center in need management and remote when monitoring, network camera is only alternative! Center administrative meaning, e.g. , assume an International Airport has 600 systems of the dot, if use system of traditional imitate CCTV,be hard pilot; Remote it is the system that shows limits exceeds 50 kilometers, if use system of traditional imitate CCTV, be like fiber-optic etc, will make cost arrives to be accepted hard greatly. 1, systematic advantage

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