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Heaven and earth greats cause: Infra-red unifinication camera is discussed with

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Current affairs heat: How to prevent with the Olympic Games - - how to prevent an enterprise to aid force Beijing Olympic Games to be held grandly! Market demand   In project of TV supervisory system, used infra-red light rarely in the past, but as a result of nowadays the case of 95% above happens in nightly, the role that infra-red camera acts in nightly surveillance is more prominent, not only the significant section such as branch of library of document of exchequer, oil depot, armory, books, cultural relic, jail is used, and also be used in average supervisory system, even project of monitoring of dweller village TV also used infra-red camera. This explains the people demand to project of TV supervisory system is more and more normative, higher and higher, demand of continuous to 24 hours of main room monitoring is more and more rising also. The working principle of infra-red camera   The visible light that the person's eye can see presses wavelengh from grow short arrange, ordinal for red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet. Among them the wavelengh limits of glow is 0.62 ~ 0.76 μ M; The wavelengh limits of violet light is 0.38 ~ 0.46 μ M. Shorter than violet smooth wavelengh light calls ultraviolet ray, longer than glow wavelengh light calls infrared ray, the person's naked eye cannot see infrared ray. Crucial technology and undesirable element 1, into resemble slanting color 2, of airframe itself medicinal powder hot issue.    After camera is working for long, infra-red lantern show produces quantity of heat, especially machine of infra-red an organic whole, its infra-red glow LED is installation inside whole shield, and of shield " heat preservation " the effect is general very good. For example 50 ¢ the infra-red lamp of 5 board, if moving for long, the temperature on LED board can achieve 90 degrees or so almost. Because the radiation power of infra-red glow LED becomes direct ratio with electric current, a lot of non-standard manufacturers improve illuminate result with the means that increases electric current, however electric current is bigger temperature is higher. Although illuminate effect rose, but machine itself can get as a result of LED overheat very great harm. Among them, the CCD at the back of LED board is the directest victim. CCD can prop up 60-70 to spend only commonly, long high temperature works, CCD is met for certain slowly broken. Specific phenomenon is the picture becomes white commonly, those who look hazy.

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