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Tianjin city: Public transportation service immediately afterwards passenger tra

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Nowadays, more and more citizen change live toward periphery of outer shroud line, evening gives a passenger flow that take a car demand of the constant growth, time that take a car also gradually hind delay, the passenger asks to rise than before moderately to taking a surname of the bus a lot of, in coequal consumption level falls, people is not willing to take old car, medium cling to car and sordid car. Take car demand to satisfy a citizen, vicissitude of the market of passenger transport of follow closely of public transportation enterprise, from hardware, software improvement serves.

Outer shroud periphery adds ledger line way

In recent years, wait for a batch to be located in outlying area to build consign of complete of station of public transportation field to use as line of state of Chen Xinglu, dragon, 22, 642, 847 wait tens of the operation trend of public transportation line is outspread build residential area circumjacently to outer shroud line, numerous the people that moves area of border district of week of outer shroud line, because be far from the urban district,be done not have and give an inconvenience. It is reported, since last year, in 33 lines with public transportation outspread open up, it is to serve to be mixed at residential area of periphery of outer shroud line, country entirely seaside area, made sure outlying area adds the synchronous progress of passenger flow and public transportation service newly basically.

Many circuit delay time stops a car

Since entering spring, public transportation 824, 903, 642, many 878 circuitry such as the road, receive evening 30 minutes are delayed after car time, as weather turn gradually warm, still can have a few public transportation line will hind extend time stopping a car. It is reported, current, the night of most and public transportation line inside this downtown the city zone receives car time to was controlled at 21 o'clock, as the change of citizen standard of living and means, evening is added gradually by car person much, after public transportation enterprise caters to this characteristic delay time to stop a car, can make comparative one part citizen is benefited.

New-style bus takes the main aspect

Nowadays, as large and luxurious beautiful new-style bus moves back and forth to move ceaselessly on street face, old car, medium cling to the car is approximately disappeared, sordid bus is encountered very hard also, although encountered not clean car, the passenger also can pass the hotline of public transportation management department to undertake complaining immediately, public transportation enterprise can be in rectify and reform for a short while. It is reported, current, nearly 2000 new-style buses had thrown operation, before the Olympic Games, the new-style bus of capacious, low footplate will occupy space of this kind of tall automobile body, soft seat, railroad car the mainstream that industry traffic counts, public transportation can achieve the history moderately by Che Shu best level.
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