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Image of parking lot off line implements a method than what be opposite

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1, the couplet net government that the system can have entering many more, the data that if amount of systematic couplet net exceeds 10 to suggest the 2 number of plies that install a 100/1000M seize switching equipment,has centralized manages, increase server of a video management alone additionally. .
2, systematic monitor uses diminutive common monitor can
3, if sheet covers the distance between the parking lot,more than 300 meters of proposals collect consumed fine to have couplet net
4, wiring of parking lot control does not need to do any adjustment, need to receive video line server of contrast of image of off line of TI320P parking lot first only can

Server of contrast of image of off line of TI320P parking lot basically is to be aimed at parking lot system to design development, car of field of pass in and out cannot come true to take a picture when resolving trouble of parking lot system than right difficult problem, prevent car by the happening of pilfer incident, undertake double machine backup is operated at the same time, although PC system breaks down,assure, the photograph of car of all pass in and out also won't be lost. Use digitlization to handle a technology not only improve picture quality, and the long-range monitoring that can have video of parking lot passageway through the network conveniently.

Functional characteristic:
A, take a picture function
The switch signal that gives out through detector or go up a machine instruction control undertake sparking taking a picture, picture resolution is 704*576 or 320*288, the photograph uses JPG software to compress means to compress memory.
B, take a picture speed: 1/1000 second
Function of C, memory
Install special SDK to block socket, convenient user proper motion changes SDK memory gets stuck, memory card can be same manufacturer 32M - the SDK of 1G, interface of hard disk IDE serves as optional.
Automatic loop is enclothed after photograph memory is full, if be,go up at the same time a machine give out take a picture instruction criterion stores by instruction file name photograph, if be switch signal,take a picture to press conversely: "Year time of day of + month + " undertake filestore.
D, transmission function
1, undertake transmission through TCP/IP, real time is transmitted (15 frame / second) , IP address can be installed arbitrarily.
2, the computer transmits a photograph through USB directly.
E, indication function
The system can pass instruction control, search automatically when car delivery of cargo from storage, enter photograph, synthesize in exit video flows on monitor to show, OK also and direct photograph of field of pass in and out synthesis is a piece of photograph to show on monitor, until give out the switch after discharged dictates sheds state of stand-by to video.
F, video is inputted
Receive 2 camera, regard video as the input, be in through installation to the image of two camera namely the character detector on passageway of monitoring of these two camera gives signal to spark respectively take a picture. At the same time the system has road of annulus of a video to output (want circuit UniCom only, do not need video signal to magnify) to hard disk videocorder.
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