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The parking lot collects fees administrative system

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Jockey administrative system is the be called by a joint name that car of modern parking lot collects fees and equipment automation runs, this system can realize the function such as data of car discrepancy management, automatic memory through computer management, and can realize off line move, in computer the circumstance of occurrence breakdown falls to still can assure the normal turnover of car, it is the ideal establishment of modern business management.

The; of plan cost means of a variety of different types
Especially big number and Chinese and English collect fees indication screen;
After card is being hired to pay when in a limited time from field set (in the center of when collecting fees) ;
The data storage such as time, date, amount will pay to be in software after card is being hired to pay when, go to the lavatory to inquire; later
Fixed card or honoured guest card can divide the card that it is a month, Ji Ka, year card and permanent use;
Fixed card and honoured guest card are when hairpin, can negotiate number of calorie of date, system, accredit to rise passageway, effectively stop date and card type.

The parking lot runs systematic sketch map The parking lot manages systematic composition: Machine of machine of server of computer software, carry out meal, hairpin, carry out mealThe parking lot manages systematic product choose and buy: Read card implement series automatically brake series feels automatically series image manages software parking lot to run a system than collecting fees to series

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