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Lane of alleyway of Nanjing police exploration jockeys administrative pattern (g

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Recently, nanjing police was held 2008 first press conference. From the meeting understanding arrives, this year, nanjing police will pass pair of city spur track and alleyway to be combed off-streetly, dig resource of nearly 13 thousand parking space. Current, regard pilot Qin Huai and drum-tower as two areas, had used alleyway lane to build a batch of parking lots. About personage introduction, build a parking lot the basis particular case, cent is time, plan second, Bao Yuesan is planted, day-to-day management basically is assumed by police station, specific rate will consult level of Nanjing city uniform price.

Lane of alleyway of Nanjing police exploration jockeys administrative pattern

Lane of alleyway of Nanjing police exploration jockeys administrative pattern

Nanjing city public security bureau concerns chief introduction, to settle the city with count for much of the people's livelihood traffic is mixed jockey order problem, nanjing police organizes special force, to Nanjing Changjiang Delta the construction of nightly and custodial station uses park of motor vehicle of village of 8 areas resident, motor vehicle, street face lane can embrace a circumstance such as the dot to undertake investigating for parking space and artery of primary and secondary, study specific aim measure, it is difficult to solve a citizen to jockey, give a difficult issue. Current, nanjing whole town jockeys circumstance investigation had obtained preliminary data, understood base number basically: 8 areas share Nanjing Changjiang Delta dweller village 2362, but park many 97400 car, additionally many 35800 car is badly in need of solving berth problem. Through be opposite 314 alleyway are combed off-streetly, reach can increasing parking space number newly is 12964, if have enough to meet need has been gotten, the problem hopeful with jockey difficult gets alleviating on certain level.

Current, alleyway lane is applied delimit parking space works to be in two areas undertake Qin Huai, drum-tower pilot, specific be in charge of carrying out by the public security substation of these two areas. Dichotomy bureau all is embraced to park of motor vehicle of community of area under administration, traffic block up and plan to built the circumstance such as the parking lot to have thorough investigation, mastered basic data. Current, substation of public security of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty is in Xie Du of encyclopedia blessing alley, peach, clemency, 8 a section of a highway build road of north of alley of band bucket alley, result of double bridge door, Lei, big bright road, abstemious switch parking lot, set parking space more than 400. As we have learned, substation of relevant public security is before setting parking lot, already undertook visitting investigating to whole area, have primary election, after primary election gives partial place, report for duty again division of order of the bureau that make a valve, expedite an expert by order division, undertake spot perambulate and examine and verify to the place that appear in the newspaper, if discover setting parking lot may be right,mainstay line transportation causes an effect, will not pass. The parking lot that has created, it is to be certainly below the circumstance that to trunk road transportation does not have big impact, just allow to establish.
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