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Can inspect to telling: First electron police puts Harbin on the ice city mount

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Recently, lookout post of first electron of Harbin city appears before city of the area in the path builds artistic square, this value 50 thousand yuan " 110 can inspect warning apparatus " have can look pair of functions that tell, call the police the person needs to press only call the police pushbutton can pass surveillant probe and 110 command center to speak directly, the policeman can photograph real time resembling a head to observe through what warning apparatus takes oneself call the police the person's face, the instrument of this high-tech also is called by people " electronic police " . As we have learned, its oneself still has guard against theft to prevent the warning function that be bungled, encounter outside force is destroyed, will be in for a short while near call alarm force appeals, door of the Ministry of Public Security still can pass this electron police to undertake area broadcasts, right all round masses undertakes real time reminds.

110 can inspect alarm

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