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Intelligence blocks the design of system of check on work attendance of real tim

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Management of check on work attendance is a more important segment in job of human affairs management, to enterprise or business the unit makes full use of manpower resource has fundamental applied value. System of management of check on work attendance is enterprise or business the unit is used at recording employee to be late, leave early, absent and ask for leave wait for information of circumstance of be out on duty, provide the management information system of statistical data. The information of systematic place record, management connects with the assessment of employee directly is, also matter to salary to adjust directly promote to a high office with the title the direct economy interest that waits for employee.

Artificial check on work attendance runs a system, by special check on work attendance member the check on work attendance that finish works. System of traditional check on work attendance, put in a lot of malpractice, wasteful manpower, efficiency is for instance low; Put in practise fraud phenomenon; Data of check on work attendance is not accurate; Statistic of check on work attendance is complex and onerous, assure the validity of statistical result, seasonable sex hard. The bell that play card hits calorie of check on work attendance to use card of one-time special paper, need to often be bought; Card easy attaint missing, life is brief, card bell and control system maintenance are frequent, the influence works; Existence generation makes calorie of appearance [1] .

The uniqueness that benefit of means of dactylogram check on work attendance has with place of human body dactylogram, exclusiveness achieves administration of check on work attendance, but contemporary dactylogram technology has not mature completely, still exist the price is high, read take dactylogram rate slower, differentiate precision is low, because the likelihood reads a clean problem and employee finger fat wait for a reason to cannot be read take wait for a problem, applied circumstance also is restricted certainly, apply to the unit with less number of check on work attendance; Because majority dactylogram check on work attendance also used the means of code check on work attendance, cannot put an end to the generation of false check on work attendance so. Person face identifies means of check on work attendance and sound to identify means to be put in the problem of move and likeness of means of dactylogram check on work attendance likewise, on the technology more immature, large-scale application still remains time.

This system is used at present the most popular blame contact intelligence gets stuck, combinative electron is photographed like technology and sheet piece machine technology, realized the real time monitoring when check on work attendance, its while employee check on work attendance brushs card electronic picture sends a server, put an end to era to make the issue of card, improved efficiency of check on work attendance, have very great research sense and applied perspective.
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