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Construction site begins Zhuhai city outfit " electronic eye " security personne

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Camera lens is swept, safe hidden trouble cannot hide. This year, zhuhai city will develop construction site long-range supervisory system builds the job, and will " electronic eye " hold whole town all is in build building site to go up, the reporter supervised the know on working informal discussion this from whole town safety recently, edifice of golden hill of the first pilot building site of whole town of it is reported has enabled this system.

According to " Pearl River evening paper " report, "The amount that builds a project increases ceaselessly, our hand is apparently insufficient, the superintendency that gives a project brings constant pressure. " relevant controller introduces city safety supervisory control stand, after experience manages related study other place, zhuhai city also begins to build building site long-range supervisory system, be in namely in build the installation on building site to photograph like the head, transmit image through the network, realize the superintendency of the safety of pair of construction sites, quality thereby.

As we have learned, zhuhai city already took the lead in installing in golden hill edifice at present and use this one supervisory system. Such, before wanting to superintending the computer of unit office only, , the staff member can see the safe production case of this building site with at long bowls. "The worker wears safety helmet, scaffold to whether be built on, whether is safety net deployed, whether does project manager reach the designated position wait for a series of circumstances, we can look clearly through image. If discover which place operation is undeserved, we still can magnify image further, once discover safe hidden danger, can instruct this building site to undertake rectifying and reform through the phone at any time. " this controller tells a reporter.

It is reported, zhuhai city will start this system in square of force of division of the 2nd pilot building site next week, farther formulate is detailed plan, strive whole town is in by this year all is in build building site to roll out.

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