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Car is dynamic plan collect fees again systematic solution

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Setting introduces

In recent years, exceed restricted transport in great quantities to be defeated by car to be on the freeway travel, cause highway damage is serious, shortened greatly service life, the life property that also endangers people at the same time is safe. Judge the size of cargo dead-weight of the car in motion in supervising the work actually hard with naked eye, this uses photograph band system with dynamic Che Heng can solve highway trends effectively to note the problem that collects fees again, reduce artificial intervention, raise economic benefits.

In the light of at present highway of domestic transportation department collects fees the means that collects fees incline to by weight, dynamic car judge reach in highway management collect fees the application in management is imperative, the meeting when to solve common IC gets stuck or card of close quarters response is having highway traffic check arises " bottleneck of check station traffic " phenomenon, affect traffic flow. Of my company remote system of identification card of date of automatic car vehicle and dynamic car judge union is used will solve this problem at all.

Systematic function, characteristic

1. Adopt this system, can very convenient implementation " road freight traffic presses real weight " the objective that undertakes highway collects fees

2. Adopt this system, can very convenient implementation " exceed heavy traffic limitation to pass through " , achieve the goal that protects highway.

3. Because this system applies radio frequency technology to be in identification card and effective distance is 5-8 rice between the system that read card, can come true " check of ceaseless car type " function, prevention and cure arises " bottleneck of check station traffic " phenomenon, affect traffic flow.

4. Label card is passive (without batteries) use time effectively to be 10 years above, working temperature is - 85 ° of ~ of 40 ° C C.

5. This equipment can be below the harsh environment such as snow of tall dust, smeary, rain the job. 6. The ID sign with only whole world is had to prevent cogged action inside card, although saying to ill will appears to change the behaviour of card after heavy process, card number and the car information that central system records not agree with, can investigate easily.

Systematic equipment is comprised

Car identification card

Read write implement

Antenna of form a complete set

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