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Ceaseless car intelligence is changed collect fees system

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Systematic utility:
This system realized ceaseless car to pay fee automatically, avoid cash to look for atone for. Pass with settle accounts of bank couplet net, implementation money electron is changed, realize intelligence to change thereby collect fees management. The problem such as pollution of waste of the traffic jam that because jockey to pay fee and arise,solved, resources, air.

Use a field:
· freeway
· town drive
· country

The system is main equipment:
Inductor: S1503/S1504 reader
Electronic label: S1450/S1455 records label

Systematic join pursues:


Systematic work principle:
Every label will be added on car windscreen glass, make label of car identifying imformation encoding, calibration its and system are uniform. Enter when the car that contains label when reading area, reader transmits radio frequency signal to its, the one part signal that label adjustment place accepts reflexes a reader, the identifying that transmit contains this object password, through pretreatment and enlarge, reader reachs reflection read a code implement, read a code implement from inside signal solution goes out identify a password, the level that determines according to the user affirms a password. Read a code implement still can add the useful information such as time, date the password, stock the password memory buffer, hand the code to host computer or equipment of other data logging in.
Central computer collects fees systematic government finance is carried, the service trades, run automatic drawing machine just like the bank (ATM) trades same, the user is bought or rental electron label gets stuck just like the ATM that car uses, collect fees through building systematic account joins central computer to collect fees net.

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