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Nimble thing amounts to system of parking lot management

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IC of JSD-2003 induction type blocks parking lot system to use a responseIC gets stuckRead feeling technology to development is developed and be become, it equipment of automation of will mechanical, electron, computer and technology of intelligent IC card organic union rises, have effective government to car of of all kinds discrepancy thereby. System of JSD-2003 intelligence parking lot uses the United States' famous Philips firmMifareRead feeling technology, system of JSD-2003 intelligence parking lot by inductor of brake of controller of parking lot of entrance ballot box, exit ballot box, PK-2003, path, car, photograph catch like head, image get stuck and collect fees administrative computer, collect fees the partial composition such as administrative software, stability of whole system performance, shell is beautiful, contain image comparative, get stuck temporarily collect fees function. This kind of system agrees with in the round edifice of residential village, government organization, intelligence, factory, enterprise, public place of entertainment and public, but material resources of greatly managing manpower, the pass in and out that conduces to pair of in-house car and foreign car thereby has modern government. Parking lot system pursues Function characteristic *Support of controller of PK-2003 parking lot is remote with close quarters two kinds are read feeling
Implement, detect automatically input.
A variety of * is compatible reading feeling implement, wait like Motorola, HID, Mifare, bag
Card of draw together IC and ID card are read feeling implement.
Function of * image contrast, save file to disk automatically, can offer inquiry.
* temporarily car can come true oneself are taken read card card, automatically, collect fees function.
* takes Chinese electron to display screen.
Function of * image contrast: When parking lot of car pass in and out, start automatically photograph picture result
Can, it is photograph memory in computer. When coming on the stage, computer is automatic will new
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