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Talk about project business to sign a few item that should notice before the con

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What should enter parking lot system with the client is specific when exchanging views, should notice to fulfil a few following aspects:

1, the configuration of system of parking lot management

1) simple and easy model system: The card that the system configures administrative car to come in and go out only is read write equipment, block a car implement, car detector equipment and tiring-room management equipment, also can add distribute clew of speech of imports and exports, car indication screen, but do not deploy image contrast system commonly, accept calorie of plane automatic hairpin machine, automatically, to saying device. This kind of system just undertakes to car discrepancy run-of-mill safety, parking lot collects fees management, the time record that tiring-room management computer just preserves car to come in and go out and parking lot collect fees record, to temporarily car collects fees hairpin of work of administrative beard someone, accept card, easy missing temporarily card, be opposite at the same time temporarily the security of car has certain hidden trouble. So this kind of system applies to those to undertake manage or wanting to throw only to owner car only a few the community that capital has the parking lot is built. 2) standard type system: This is to use a kind of most parking lot to collect fees currently system, configured card read write, give ground of calorie of machine, car design of speech clew, parking lot, automatically the equipment such as brake of path of feeling detector, intelligence, also configured image of imports and exports to catch at the same time take parallel system, application collects fees at management of all sorts of car parking lot system, this kind of system has one car already a calorie function, use image to catch again at the same time pat parallel system to undertake 2 heavy protection to car, the time that car discrepancy has not only in tiring-room management computer, collect fees record, the picture when still coming in and go out every two car at the same time should be withheld relatively come down, significant evidence is provided after can be accident happening. This is the administrative system with a kind of relatively perfect function. 3) strengthen model system: This kind of system is on the foundation of all functions that own system of standard type parking lot, configuration, below different special situation and diverse client demand, increase accordingly to telling, area guide indication screen, certificate to catch pat, traffic light control, remote read the functional equipment such as clew of card, speech, in order to apply to the requirement of all sorts of special places.

2, the parking lot devises measure

1) passageway is in same crossing: When be located in same position to car pass in and out, need to decide according to spot the true state of affairs passageway runs the installation place of equipment, should pass through the path is wide when exceeding 5 meters, passageway blocks car equipment common 1; When current route bounty at 5 meters when exceeding 8 meters, path of discrepancy passageway part of one's job is designed, automatic method brake also answer lane design; (what be located in car as a result of domestic car steering wheel is left, so the equipment reading card of passageway also should be installed in corresponding position, so above decorates means and the regulation that meet a car to rely on right travel two kinds to have discrepancy, so this kind decorates means to be confined to use inside the village) . Cross 8 meters when current Lu Kuanchao, need to be among road the pedestrian island that builds fixed system facility (average size is 5.5 meters of × 1.3 meters of × 0.18 meters) , only such, ability goes to the lavatory already car advocate use advantage, accorded with traffic to understand a regulation again. 2) passageway is absent same crossing: When the car inside community discrepancy is located in when different channel, basically be the car inside consideration community current orientation, that direction facilitates come on the stage, design this passageway to be exit, conversely, additionally the passageway is the entrance; If passageway passageway does not have special demand situation to fall, be in that recent passageway in order to approach management to be exit. Above equipment decorates means to need a basis a principle: Enter the mouth namely entrance of space of the equipment that read card blocks car baluster distance to not be less than 3 meters, exit collects fees exit of police box distance blocks car baluster distance to not be less than 2.6 meters; Additionally passageway reads calorie of equipment to should be put as far as possible go up in straight travel passageway, if do not avoid the turn really, also answer the space with enough put apart reads card for car tune, take card.
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