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Carry on a few note that parking lot intelligence converts function of contrast

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Image contrast function, be called again in system of parking lot management: Image is caught pat, image contrast, pattern recognition, each district makes a way very much the same. If do not make special statement, this function is to point to go out in the parking lot, camera is installed respectively near the entrance, through video changeover joins parking lot system manages computer to go up, the moment that brushs calorie of information generation effectively in the entrance when car enters the arena is right the car that brush card undertakes catching patting, after be being handled through the analysis, will catch at the moment the picture that take and information that brush card undertake data bales memory, come on the stage in car when brushing card, the record entering the arena that will brush calorie of information place correspondence originally and saved picture v undertake contrast, it is the parking lot collects fees a of the system important safety precaution and method.

After our company are summing up the experience that old parking lot designs, proposal project business is sure to keep in mind should clear when undertaking communication with Party A the following, in order to avoid needless trouble:

1, must emphasize: This system is caught for image pat, comparative function, of memory is the JPG picture of field of car pass in and out, because of Party A easy to this function understanding is kinescope of image hard disk, if be in a parking lot to collect fees,management installs system of hard disk kinescope to be used not only at the same time on systematic computer disadvantageous and the traversal speed of huge influence computer, suggest to be not used;

2, particularly important is: Scarcely can make image of Party A general comparative functional understanding is plate to identify a function automatically, two kinds of functions and facility cost are having great difference, plate identifies automatically not only systematic cost is high, and not applicable and general intelligent village parking lot runs a system (if have doubt, specific reason can think you explain in detail alone, ensure must let Party A give up the plan that this thought is before last) ;

3, image contrast identifies cloth automatically in plate best consideration passageway stresses issue of the nightly illume that takes camera, filling light in tubal wiring and the process that bury beforehand, if be necessary to should install nightly Bu Guangdeng, need is additional wiring, not satisfying put fluky, after leakage buried cop, always wanting to use switch of remote controller, photosensitive to control Bu Guangdeng;

4, if Party A needs image of parking lot passageway real time kinescope, the you that has done monitoring should know, had better deserve to go up after video alloter image one divides into two, enter contrast of parking lot image all the way, receive supervisory equipment into monitoring center all the way, each other is hands-off, if the distance is longer to avoid image attenuation, the proposal does not use "T" head;
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