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Remote ceaseless car and close quarters read calorie of technology to contrast (

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Remote ceaseless car and close quarters read card

Administrative system basically divides traditional parking lot to hire card for the month (VIP user) and get stuck temporarily use, the month hires calorie of use great majority is card of close quarters IC, when blocking an opening through car field, no matter be VIP user car,still be temporarily car must stop, car advocate unship safety belt, shake get off window, the month rents a car advocate must extend a hand to read ballot box of card press close to card, temporarily car advocate need to take card from ballot box first, the ability after be being identified correctly can pass through. To burning hot summer, cold winter, blow rain wait for soup circumstance to fall, car advocate extremely disadvantageous.

Apparent remote the plan that read card besides cost tall defect, close quarters of function far outclass reads card, as technical development, cost is decreased reduce quickly, cost reads card to comparative with 1 meter however, remote it is inevitable that close quarters of the representative that read card reads card. Remote electronic car identifies (the trend that EVI) is parking lot development, the system of parking lot management of new generation is used remote read write check, do not need to jockey, do not need to shake window, can be in 3-20 rice (adjustable) the S-RFID card on distance identifying car, open of automata path brake, car is connected quickly close. Simplified the formalities of car pass in and out, shortened time of car pass in and out, raised field of pass in and out of; of efficiency of registration of vehicles to need not jockey, show certificate, to the car advocate offer very big advantage, also enhanced driving security at the same time. Special agree with office office building, high-grade community, villatic order and degree is higher and successive and busy parking lot.

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