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Talk about the road monitoring camera in ITS intelligence traffic

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World economy high speed develops, vehicle amount increases quickly, traffic situation is increasingly exasperate. To solve this one problem, 60 time evening begins the century on the United States, Europe, Japan, began intelligence to carry a system (ITS, the research of respect of Intelligent Transportation System) . After entering 21 centuries, world economy high speed develops, road transportation is increasingly busy. Traffic is the lifeblood of economic development, but the grows lag traffic growth rate that builds because of traffic and economic progress are right road transportation demand, a minor sudden incident can cause the traffic disaster with serious hair, the wide attention that because traffic accident causes serious personal casualty and belongings loss so,already caused world each country especially big in city, often produce traffic to have an event, had been called like capital Beijing " first " . Increase except viatic and outside extend, traffic of each country of the world before ITS makes item carries the heat that the domain studies eagerly and develops. Forecast according to Philip Sayeg and Philip Charles, to 2010, the potential of market of intelligent traffic system of 5 countries estimates China and South Asia to be controlled in 3.8 billion dollar.

In system of ITS intelligence traffic, traffic supervisory system is the most important undoubtedly, it resembles visual system of the mankind. Traffic supervisory system should comprise by next example systems:

(1) urban road monitoring;
(2) freeway monitoring;
(3) channel safety monitoring;
(4) the subway runs monitoring;
(5) dash forward violent incident dredge;
Basis of urban road monitoring the particular case of each city, in every traffic crossing can install or count a stationary monitoring camera, periphery deploys camera of stage of a cloud each again. Stationary monitoring camera collects a city situation of real time transportation is like each road the video signal such as traffic discharge, speed and unobstructed degree, crossing of monitoring space transportation is certain the car inside limits, days and nightly clarity film car license plate, and the analysis that still can pass the motor-driven vehicle that records to filming and information of other road transportation, processing, identify automatically to what car reachs its plate information especially with processing, realize what pair of traffic violate the rules and regulations, cause trouble escapes to wait with suspicion car to check accuse with deal with, clutch make and hit sex of a few obvious to violate compasses illegal act, eliminate all sorts of hidden danger. Camera of cloud stage scorch needs to control central manual control, have a level to camera 360 degrees, perpendicular 90 degrees reach scorch control, seasonable palm accuses monitoring to nod the traffic all round to break out the detail of incident and traffic jam circumstance.

Highway supervisory system and urban road monitoring differ somewhat. Freeway and general highway photograph are compared, have level of line good, design discharge of tall, traffic big, driving speed is fast wait for a characteristic, in traffic the circumstance with big, harsh climate falls, produce traffic accident and traffic block extremely easily, on the freeway with very large flow of a few cars the supervisory system of deploy whole journey. Highway supervisory system by whole journey monitoring, collect fees station monitoring, service division monitoring and the electric power monitoring that serve for highway system form a complete set. Collect fees among them supervisory system basically is the driveway that stands to collecting fees, collect fees square, collect fees of booth collect fees circumstance, the unit process of cargo bandling of the car kind that to collecting fees driveway carries, member that collect fees and collect fees the sudden incident in the process and special event have observation and record, carry out supervise effectively. These supervisory system can carry out traffic discharge and traffic to run surveillance, undertake to crucial point atmosphere detects, timely to executive traffic of crucial a section of a highway control, discover all sorts of unusual situations in time and take lash-up step, record all right to the violate the rules and regulations such as car speed, made sure operation of ground of freeway high speed, safe, economy manages effectively.
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