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Solution of intelligent traffic video

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Traffic video supervisory system is the window that knows situation of whole town transportation and public security state, it is the subsystem with indispensable command system of public security traffic. Video supervisory system is a of intelligent traffic system main component, establishing goal of video image supervisory system is seasonable and accurate circumstance of public security of the discharge of the car all round crossing of surveillance of ground control place, a section of a highway, pedestrian, traffic, to direct personnel to offer rapid and visual information to be opposite thereby traffic accident and traffic jam make accurate judgement and answer in time, obtain evidence to the kinescope of incident of paroxysmal public security inside monitoring range, for guard of thing of inside and outside the job serves, rise to administer the effect integratedly. Traffic industry application is relatively wide now is monitoring of a sector of an area of crossing of the traffic inside city, key and freeway collect fees station monitoring.

Traffic surveillance and dredge: Through the system the spot image inside will surveillant area passes command center, make administrator masters car to queue up directly, jam, the traffic situation such as signal lamp, when adjusting signal in time to match or come through other measure dredge traffic, change what traffic flows to distributing, in order to achieve the goal of link traffic jam.

Traffic police defends: Administrator masters traffic guard kinescope at any time, the traffic situation of large assembly activity, bring into play in time alarm force, in order to make sure traffic guard kinescope is expedite.

Through breaking out the kinescope of incident, carry altitude buy to break out the ability of incident.

Pass the kinescope of behavior of pair of violate the rules and regulations, play supervisory system is in the positive effect of economic benefits and social benefit respect.

Through be opposite the imitate matrix supervisory system previously undertakes the network is transformed digitlizing, make can undertake entire network manages conveniently

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