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The electron does not jockey collect fees system (overview of ETC) job principle

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Intelligent traffic system (ITS) the task of forward position research that is carriage domain of liaison man of eye preexistence group, also be the key way that science and technology of our country traffic develops, its core is to be aimed at increasingly serious traffic demand and environmental protection pressure, use technology of communication of IT, electron, automata technology, computer technology and network technology to wait to carry a system to undertake be transforminged deep to traditional traffic, in order to enhance security of the use efficiency of systematic natural resources, system, reduce resource use up and environmental pollution.

Electron (ceaseless car) collect fees system (ETC) it is one of ITS domain important facet. Because it involves what traffic infrastructure invests to reclaim, it is to alleviate collect fees station traffic jam " bottleneck " significant step, reduced environmental pollution, so each national capital collects fees ceaseless car the system regards ITS as the domain most the system that throws application first will develop. Department of our country transportation has collected fees ceaseless car the project that systematic development and application label domain of our country ITS to be started above all, be in " 15 " during one of technical innovation focal points that include traffic science and technology.

1ETC system brief introduction

ETC system is to use microwave (or infra-red or radio frequency) the communication and technology, electron technology, computer technology, network technology, IT, equipment that passes the new and high technology such as feeling technology, image identifying technology and software (include to manage) forms advanced system, need not jockey in order to realize car to be able to close automatically to be used by way of road pike already. Current, most ETC system all uses microwave technology, so the article basically undertakes summing up in the light of this kind of system.

Ceaseless car collects fees the system blasts off through the signal of system of roadside driveway device control character with autodyne (call roadside to read write equipment, abbreviation RSE) , identify the equipment on car (call a car to carry implement, abbreviation OBU) inside peculiar encode, differentiate model, computational pike is used, automatic deduct pike from inside the special account of car user. To using ETC roadway did not install a car to carry implement or the car carries implement invalid car, inspect car of violate the rules and regulations, executive image is caught pat and identify, jointly with aftertreatment of policeman department issue.

Collect fees artificially with the tradition (Manual Toll Collection, abbreviation MTC) kind is different, the profit that ETC brings has: Piao Fang Zhan is pressed angry. Does  of Biao of Bei of Yan Jingnao envy of Zhan of  banter ∈ call out crooked of Tuo of  of model of acute hearing  of banter ∧ Mo does Mu of 3 stool barium lift  Europe lotus root to cast simian scabbard to thank Jing Huan of Piao of fat car Nai is pilfer of file interconnected system static take an examination of  ferociousing model to suffer from Tuo Ji?
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