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Talk east solution of system of GPS-GIS of soft intelligence traffic

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Product introduction

Soft company credential is in for years east telegraphic / GIS of power industry application and it is this Japanese cropland / the abundant technology that the car manufacturer such as BMW develops GPS car to hold navigation system is accumulated and experience, roll out the GIS/GPS that faces ITS domain comprehensive solution, this system is based on the platform technology such as the ArcGIS/GeoMedia/MapInfo of international mainstream, offerred GIS space to build a warehouse, car GPS monitoring, course develop attacks the function such as the design, for finance / content flows / urban traffic / the intelligence of industry implementation business such as public security is changed / communication chart form is changed provide powerful tool.

GIS system is a foundation with dimensional database, will use data and map organic union, provide powerful dimensional analysis and inquiry function, rich expressive means shows a result intuitionisticly.

East system of soft company GPS-GIS is platform with general GIS software, integral software is developed according to data layer, platform layer and applied layer, among them data layer gives priority to body with general database, the Oracle database with the popularity inside course of study, SQL database, and the DB2 database of IBM company is mainstream database, the layer of platform of GIS-GPS data resource that data layer is collected and trims a system basically is in charge of developing GIS interface layer, data to exchange frame of core of layer of interface of platform of management of platform, forms for reporting statistics, GPS, implementation applies the changeover of a data according to arriving from data number of plies, to use an each application the system provides necessary resource service.

Applied layer builds a variety of business application, use at each domains of intelligent traffic, include car GPS monitoring / attemper monitoring of system, highway / system of establishment management system, GIS/GPS of public security guard is waited a moment. Use a field:

Monitoring center - the monitoring center that applies to freeway, policeman, city to tighten unit of emergency treatment aid, state of dynamic monitoring road and real time attemper car, the close together union of GIS system and GPS system develops the work efficiency of monitoring center effectively, system and net of couplet of outfield supervisory equipment, realize pair of traffic discharge, weather situation, collect automatically of the information such as the accident, analyse automatically through traffic model, attemper director liaison man.

Establishment management - build warehouse of information of foundation of road network TGIS, include to collect fees / communication / service / monitoring / communal the detailed information that waits for of all kinds establishment, those who will regard traffic as monitoring and operation management is show to prop up platform on GIS system, when establishment attaint, or system of the GIS when electronic equipment malfunction with calling the police the form hints actively controller.
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